As far as we can tell it all began, huddled around an aga in a tin lean-to in the middle of a 60 Acre sheep paddock. The AGM of the 5A's Polo Club was drawing to a close and rum toddies and honey grits were being handed out as usual. Its December 2000 and a ruddy Ron Gartner and his trusty club committee have been re-elected for the 4th year running. Its a landslide once again. No surprise as everyone in the club is on the committee. Amongst talk of a new worming mix that doesn't need drenching and whether longlife teflon horseshoes really exist, the inspiration for a free communal resource for all of the world's polo clubs to contribute to and use freely, was being mentioned once again. 

According to Sharon Warner 5A's 2000 treasurer at the time, ". . . I can assure you nothing was mentioned before, during or after that Annual General, that could in anyway be construed to being about a global polo club website she says. "Ruddy Rons at it again!", winks Warner over a hot toddy in the now double story club house where the lean-to once leaned. When we went back and questioned Gartner he was quick to dismiss Warner's assertions as her, "having a senior moment or memory loss and possibly too much lolly water."

Whatever beginnings and ideas from which this site sprang, what is true is that it has been passed from pillar to post with scores of clubs and members chipping in with what seems like endless deliberation spanning years and now decades. Today has made it into existence some how and some time after that windy night in that canteen now club house on Mt Perry Station with or without the story being true.

Gartner and Warner do agree on one point, that plenty of discussions took place about what needed to be done in the many years that followed but nothing ever got past just talk. "I concede it may or may not have been mentioned after every meeting for all I know ," says Warner, " but I know for sure it wasn't until 5A's then Club Administrator Lorraine Cessnock was marooned at Forest Hill PC for a weekend after a 2 goal tournament in Rathmeadow was flooded out when, with her well known winnning ways,she convinced wiley ol'Windora president Jim Bowler that this site needed to be and his help to begin it was vital".

According to Warner, JB had a fledgling IT company and it was his word in the ear of polo playing web developer Tom Luck who saw the opportunity that started things rolling. Unfortunately after only a few short months burning the midnight oil Tom was unable to continue the project for personal reasons and many of his nifty IT volunteers faded into the sunset. It is with consensis, all agree without these boys endless hours of help the site would not have been started.


Then the idea was left for another good while, blowing in the breeze waiting for the polo word of mouth to wind its way along, Kitty Wiltshire, Arabella Rose, John Rumble, Ruster Bingham and his Brumbies to finally Harry Kent and James Carter who have been the latest visionaries willing to pitch in and get things really moving.  "Im just doing it to meet girls," smiles James who has only been playing polo since 2011 and still not gained even a minus 4 handicap. In his own words "how cool " !
A continual work in progress, the polo clubs site is now being introduced to a small number of clubs in the hope they will start using it and we will hear what they think about it and if you have any ideas of what it could offer.

If you would like to contribute to the development of this site please be encouraged to do so. You can contribute in many ways only limited by your imagination. The polo clubs site is a collaboration of polo people for polo people with one goal to build a free and accessible open resource for all poloclubs to use, contribute and enjoy.  Its our Hobby and Because Polo is Fun!

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James, Harry and friends!

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