Antiquar Polo Club joins the growing numbers of clubs reporting a higher number of membership applications being accepted in the last 24months

According to the Roundtree Equestrian College's lastest survey on polo clubs in the northern hemisphere, membership figures are up 47% for 2014-2015 than the last 3 years. Statistics show out of 43 clubs surveyed 26 were reporting better than average interest in new memberships than on the previous 3 years. Antiquar Polo Club had 41 applications accepted in 2013 compared with 19 the year before and 8 in 2010. Out of the 43 clubs 10 had report more than a 100% increase and 5 were over the 170% mark.
Speculation on the increased interest points to the acceptance world wide of internet access and the improved promotion of polo by electronic mainstream media. Additional to the internet is the nearly formed Asian Clubs openning in China and India. 12% of all new member applications have never been involved in equestrian activities before and 29% past members returning.

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