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Serpentina Polo Club

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Plans for a new Club House have finally been approved by Serpentina Polo Club's committee in a lively midnight meeting in the club's stables last night. Plans proposed over five years ago for a multi-level canteen and committee room Club House were agreed upon and now fundraising committees can be chosen and the long term plan to have a polo club with a clubhouse can begin.
First we have to tie down exactly what sort of clubhouse will suit our needs and motivate the club to reach for the fundraing targets said President Latima
Hervey Cranger has agreed to draw up some architectural drafts for discussion for next meeting and president Bill Latima offered his accountancy firm gratis to organise management of any finances.  Watch This Space!






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Polo is the hardest of Equestrian Sports

I have tried Trail Riding Polo Crosse Le Cross and Eventing and Polo has got it all by far the hardest of the lot.

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I joined a polo club because I was looking for more in horseriding.

Polo fits that bill. Now I a a past and present member of 4 polo clubs.

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